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  • GABOVICH, A. M.; MOISEEV, D. P.; PANAITOV, G. I.; POSTNIKOV, V. M.; SIDORENKO, A. S.; SIMONOV, A. Yu. (World Scientific, 1989)
    Relaxation of the thermoremanent magnetisation M in oxide superconductors BaPb0.75Bi0.25O3, YBa2Cu3O7−δ, Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox and Bi4Sr3Ca4Cu4Ox is measured at T=4.2 K by the SQUID magnetometer. It is well described by the law ...
  • SIDORENKO, A. S.; PANAITOV, G. I.; GABOVICH, A. M.; MOISEEV, D. P.; POSTNIKOV, V. (Springer Nature Switzerland, 1991)
    In the present work we have measured the magnetization relaxation at T = 4-2 K in two substantially different superconductors: BaPbo.~sBio.250 3 (BPB, T~ 10K, Hcx ~ 12 Oe) and YBa2Cu307_ x (YBCO, T~ ~ 92 K). The SQUID ...

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