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  • BAKURSKIY, Sergey; KUPRIYANOV, Mikhail; KLENOV, Nikolay V.; SOLOVIEV, Igor; SCHEGOLEV, Andrey; MORARI, Roman; KHAYDUKOV, Yury; SIDORENKO, Anatoli S. (Beilstein Institute for the Advancement of Chemical Sciences, Germany, 2020)
    We present both theoretical and experimental investigations of the proximity effect in a stack-like superconductor/ferromagnetic (S/F) superlattice, where ferromagnetic layers with different thicknesses and coercive fields ...
  • KLENOV, Nikolay; KHAYDUKOV, Yury; BAKURSKIY, Sergey; MORARI, Roman; SOLOVIEV, Igor; BOIAN, Vladimir; KELLER, Thomas; KUPRIYANOV, Mikhail; SIDORENKO, Anatoli; KEIMER, Bernhard (Beilstein Institut, 2019)
    We present a study of magnetic structures with controllable effective exchange energy for Josephson switches and memory applications. As a basis for a weak link we propose to use a periodic structure composed of ferromagnetic ...

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