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VOL. XXVII (1) 2020

Table of Contents

A. Industrial Engineering

Application of DC motor as speed and direction control MOHAPATRA Badri Narayan, MOHAPATRA Rashmita Kumari


B. Electronics and Computer Science

Birefringence and exciton spectra of CuAlSe2 and CuAlS2 crystals MAŞNIC Alisa


3D micropackaging of integrated circuits BĂJENESCU Titu-Marius I.


C. Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Properties of structural lightweight expanded clay concrete with different types of porous sands KROVIAKOV Sergii, DUDNYK Lidiia, ZAVOLOKA Michael


Grounds stabilized with organic binders BRAGUŢA Eugeniu


Strength, cractic resistance and deformativity of reinforced concrete beams damaged by through cracks, reinforced carbon fiber ANTONOVA Diana, ZAVOLOKA Michael, KARPIUK Vasyl, KARPIUK Irina, RUSU Ion


D. Food Engineering

Drying installation for granular products in the suspension layer BALAN Mihail, BERNIC Mircea, ŢISLINSCAIA Natalia


Peculiarities of walnut oil state in some food emulsions RADU Oxana


Microalgae – non-traditional sources of nutritients and pigments for functional foods GUREV Angela, DRAGANCEA Veronica, HARITONOV Svetlana


Influence of maceration duration on Viorica wines quality VLADEI Natalia


Stability of ascorbic acid during the technological processes of apricot compote fabrication PATRAS Antoanela, BAETU Alina Loredana, BAETU Marius


Recent Submissions

  • PATRAS, Antoanela; BAETU, Alina Loredana; BAETU, Marius (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Apricots are fruits with a short period of fresh-consumption and the compote fabrication is a usual method for their preservation. The present research is studying the changes in total vitamin C content, as well as the ...
  • VLADEI, Natalia (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The subject of the research refers to experimental wines obtained from local selection grape variety Viorica, which were macerated for 4, 8 or 12 hours at 10, 15 and 20 0C. The maceration duration had a positive influence ...
  • GUREV, Angela; DRAGANCEA, Veronica; HARITONOV, Svetlana (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The aim of this review is to draw the attention of researchers and technological engineers from the Moldovan food industry towards the potential of microalgae as a non-traditional source of nutrients and biological active ...
  • RADU, Oxana (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The replacing of traditional lipids with more health-promoting oils containing polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) is a modern trend in food industry. The principles of emulsions formation containing walnut oil (up to 90% ...
  • BALAN, Mihail; BERNIC, Mircea; ŢISLINSCAIA, Natalia (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    One of the main problems of wet plant products drying processes is the long duration of thermal tartarization, which consequently leads to the diminution of the quality indices. This problem is exacerbated in the case of ...
  • ANTONOVA, Diana; ZAVOLOKA, Michael; KARPIUK, Vasyl; KARPIUK, Irina; RUSU, Ion (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The article deals with the main results of experimental studies of strength, crack resistance and informational content of the diagonal and normal sections of common damaged and brought to the critical state of the first ...
  • BRAGUŢA, Eugeniu (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The paper presents the enzymatic stabilizers effect on grounds in the compaction process by vibration. It has been intended, by specific rheological modeling of the ground mixtures with organic additives, as well as by ...
  • KROVIAKOV, Sergii; DUDNYK, Lidiia; ZAVOLOKA, Michael (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    In this work, the strength, water tightness and average density of modified expanded clay lightweight on different types of sands were investigated. Quartz sand, expanded clay sand and sand from granulated foam glass were ...
  • BĂJENESCU, Titu-Marius I. (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    A major paradigm change, from 2D IC to 3D IC, is occurring in microelectronic industry. Joule heating is serious in 3D IC, and vertical interconnect is the critical element to be developed. Also, reliability concerns will ...
  • MAŞNIC, Alisa (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The excitonic reflection spectra of CuAlS2 and CuAlSe2 crystals were measured at the temperature of 10 K for polarizations E||c and Ec. Ground and excited states of the excitons were found out in the investigated spectra. ...
  • MOHAPATRA, Badri Narayan; MOHAPATRA, Rashmita Kumari (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Motion control plays a vital role in industrial atomization. Application wise variety type of motors like DC, AC, stepper or servo are used. Because of easier control DC motors are very popular to the users, its application ...