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  • PLĂMĂDEALĂ, Vasile; DÎNTU, Sergiu (Technical University of Moldova, 2022)
    The human factor is the main element in the production of road events, not only in terms of percentage, but also in absolute importance, because, ultimately, road and technical issues are involved in road accidents only ...
  • PLĂMĂDEALĂ, Vasile (Technical University of Moldova, 2022)
    In modern society, little or no sleep at all has become a habit, almost a good tradition. Fulfilled sleep is one of the key factors of a healthy lifestyle and longevity, along with proper nutrition, physical activity and ...
  • PLĂMĂDEALĂ, Vasile (Tehnica UTM, 2019)
    More than 270000 pedestrians die annually on roads across the world, accounting for about 22% of the total number of people killed in road accidents. In addition, millions of pedestrians are traumatized, some of them become ...
  • PLĂMĂDEALĂ, Vasile; GOIAN, Vladimir; RUSU, Elena (Technical University of Moldova, 2023)
    Cyclists, together with pedestrians, as traffic participants, are the most vulnerable. Every year in the world over 40000 cyclists die on the roads, which represents approximately 3% of the number of people who died in ...
  • PLĂMĂDEALĂ, Vasile; GOIAN, Vladimir (Technical University of Moldova, 2022)
    Almost a quarter of people killed in road accidents worldwide are the most vulnerable road users – pedestrians. Every year, more than 300000 pedestrians die on the world's roads, which is about 23% of the total number of ...

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