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  • EPUREAN, Vladimir; CEBANIŢA, Ilie (Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei, 2014)
    From the beginning of occurrence, photography develops and manifests itself more and more in different areas of human activity; one of them is in design. In the process of creating interiors, photography brings a broader ...
  • EPUREAN, Vladimir; CEBANIȚA, Ilie (Tehnica UTM, 2014)
    Image perception is do analytically by the gradual accumulation of presented information. Through composition, we mean placing informations (picture elements) in the frame so as to be perceived unified in a certain sequence, ...
  • BRUMĂ, Tatiana; EPUREAN, Vladimir (Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei, 2014)
    Throughout a history of design development, the respect for the nature and concerns of humanity have influenced basically on the creation of organic shapes that conquer the whole world with strong vitality and practicability. ...
  • EPUREAN, Vladimir (Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei, 2021)
    The human eye "sees" everything around us in colors, these being revealed by the influence of light, so we could say about color photography that it helps us to express reality as it is perceived with an interpretation ...
  • EPUREAN, Vladimir; CEBANIŢA, Ilie (Tehnica UTM, 2018)
    Lighting plays an important role in creating indoor photography. light creates the space in the image That it impresses with its image, giving it different meanings. The same design, photographed under different lighting ...

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