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  • GÎNCUL, Veronica; ISAC, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    Cet article porte sur les Français et les fromages, sur la classification des fromages et sur l’influence du fromage sur la santé de l’homme.
  • GÎNCU, Elena; ISAC, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    Cet article présente l’information sur les fruits, sur les raisons de manger des fruits, sur les conditions de conservation des fruits et sur leur utilisation.
  • GALEA, Tatiana; ISAC, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    Cet article porte sur la catégorie des vins mousseux, sur l’histoire, sur la fabrication et sur le service du champagne.
  • La bière 
    CHERMAN, Rodica; TORNEA, Cristina; ISAC, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    Cet article porte sur la définition de la bière, sur son histoire, sur sa composition, sur ses caractéristiques, sur les différents types de verres à bière et sur la consommation annuelle de bière par habitant dans le monde.
  • BORŞEVICI, Marcela; ISAC, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    Cet article porte sur le vieillissement du vin et l’influence de ce phénomène sur les qualités organoleptiques du vin.
  • AGA, Elena; ISAC, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    Dans cet article il s'agit des produits de chocolaterie, de l'effet des tensio-actifs sur les caractéristiques du chocolat.
  • ADESCENCO, Vitalie; ISAC, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    Cet article porte sur l’importance des aliments fontanels sur la santé de l’homme, sur les types des aliments fonctionnels, sur leur histoire et sur l’intérêt des consommateurs envers les aliments fonctionnels.
  • RATA, Ana; MARLEAN, I. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    The article presents an amazing part of Sardinia's culture, the structures that for many edges served Sardinian people and now are fascinating our eyes and imagination.
  • MAMULAT, Aliona; MARLEAN, I. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    The article presents the construction’s purpose of the Julia’s castle and reveals the mystery it is shrouded in.
  • LUNGU, Daniela; MARLEAN, I. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    The article presents the short history of the Nevyansk tower and explores the purpose of its inclination.
  • FREHTMAN, Ella; GRITCU, S. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    The article emphasizes the women’s role in architecture and the dominant features of the women-designed houses.
  • PAVLENCO, Stella; ZINGAN, O. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    The topic of job satisfaction is relevant enough for us, the students who after graduation will have to find a job which will provide the maximum of enjoyment and a minimum of disorders. It is undoubtedly clear that “job ...
  • JELESCU, Olga; ZINGAN, O. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    The terminology used to describe the exporting of jobs varies widely. In the present article we will provide information on how the new offshoring phenomenon assures multinational corporations with cheaper labor force in ...
  • CIOBANU, Natalia; ZINGAN, O. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    The migration and remittances issues have become salvation for our economic system and destruction of our moral values. In this article we will bring benefits, but also some drawbacks of migration. Moldova is one of the ...
  • CEBOTARI, Lilia; ZINGAN, O. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a new field, concerned with the processes of how we live our lives, our patterns of behavior and communication. Using NLP techniques and strategies, a person can become more motivated, ...
  • ZAVOROTNÎI, Elena; CUŞNIR, E. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    An interesting and new subject of bionics technology and some aspects of model making in industrial design are examined in the present article. Industrial designers are a mixture between an engineer and an artist. They ...
  • ŢURCAN, Iurie; CUŞNIR, E. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    This article is about innovations and ecological technologies elaborated by Mercedes-Benz and applied in their recent car models. Mercedes-Benz cars are the main part of the automobile history. Mercedes-Benz were first to ...
  • SNEJCO, Alexei; CUŞNIR, E. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    In this article the author gives a brief but many-sided characteristic of Impressionism, an outstanding art movement of the 19th century. Impressionism was a 19th-century art movement that began as an association of ...
  • GABURA, Adrian; CUŞNIR, E. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps are widely used nowadays in a variety of equipment and installations. What are the characteristics, advantages and applications of LED lamps you will learn from this article. A light-emitting ...
  • COZMA, Ion; CUŞNIR, E. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    This article touches upon the question of teenage obesity. The author depicts this phenomenon, explains its causes and consequences and gives useful recommendations on healthy nutrition. Nowadays teenagers are obese because ...

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