Nr. 2



VOL. III (2) 2020

Table of Contents

Circular economy: concepts and principles BUGAIAN Larisa; DIACONU Cristina


Conceptual approaches and the effects of circular economy CILOCI Rafael; GHEORGHIŢA Maria; ŢURCAN Iuliu


Increasing the productivity of garment manufacturers thanks to consultancy services GHEORGHIŢA Maria; NISTOR Doina


Cost analysis of energy produced from biogas and biosyngas CAPITAN Olga


Financing schemes in dwelling constructions ALBU Ion; Svetlana ALBU


Teaching listening MIHAIL-VELEŞCU Lilia


Interactive teaching TĂRÎŢĂ Stella


Typology of university written productions UNGUREANU Ludmila


Levels of text analysis in the hierarchy of linguistic units TINTIUC Corina


GI and DOC sparkling wines – the influence of agro-technical factors and geographical area BÎLICI Constantin


Analysis of theoretic construction of guilt in law: essence, content and form URSU Viorica


Theoretic – practical analysis of the detailed customs declaration URSU Viorica; STAMATI Mihaela


Review of the collective monograph "Principles of development of modern oenology and organization of the wine market" carried out by the collaborators of the Department of Oenology and Chemistry, Technical University of Moldova GĂINĂ, Boris


Recent Submissions

  • GĂINĂ, Boris (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Monografia colectivă ”Principii de dezvoltare a oenologiei moderne și organizarea pieţei vitivinicole” este destinată specialiștilor din domeniul vitivinicol, operatorilor economici care se ocupă de producerea strugurilor, ...
  • URSU, Viorica; STAMATI, Mihaela (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Any of individuals or legal persons, regardless of the form of ownership, have the right to introduce into and out of the country goods and means of transport according to the legislation in force, but when crossing the ...
  • URSU, Viorica (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The guilt is the mandatory element for any form of legal liability. Legal liability is excluded in the absence of guilt. However, we cannot say that guilt is the element that delimits the legal sphere from illegal one, it ...
  • BÎLICI, Constantin (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Geographical indications are objects of intellectual property, which serve to identify the origin of products, being guarantees of their quality and value. A new and absolutely current direction in the field of sparkling ...
  • TINTIUC, Corina (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Language is envisioned as an organic system of linguistic units. There are 7 linguistic units. The text is at the top of the syntactic hierarchy. It is best regarded as a semantic unit. Motivated by the intention to provide ...
  • UNGUREANU, Ludmila (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    This research has been inspired by an AOF (Academic Objective French) content detailed analysis, as part of a broader issue, which is the contribution of foreign language (French) teaching/studying within students’ academic ...
  • TĂRÎŢĂ, Stella (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Interactive teaching is an epitomic strategy that engages as many learners as possible, consequently encouraging the gratification of learning, research methods and heuristic. The entertainment process tends to motivate ...
  • MIHAIL-VELEŞCU, Lilia (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Listening really deserves very close attention during the teaching process of a foreign language. It is one of the main reasons for offering the students a chance to listen to spoken English and hear different varieties ...
  • ALBU, Ion; ALBU, Svetlana (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Own dwelling in ancient times was the most desired and created the largest social conflicts. National customs, social trends of recent decades and the psychology of young families feel the need to have their own home. ...
  • CAPITAN, Olga (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    This paper deals with the livelised cost of electricity from gaseous biofuels, such as biogas and bio-syngas, produced from biodegradable waste, using different technologies (internal combustion engines, gas turbine, fuel ...
  • GHEORGHIŢA, Maria; NISTOR, Doina (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The firm-level competitiveness is affected by factors that impact its productivity levels, costs and the value added for consumers. The pace of current changes generates profound transformations in production, prompting ...
  • CILOCI, Rafael; GHEORGHIŢA, Maria; ŢURCAN, Iuliu (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    Nowadays at the international level special attention is drawn to sustainable development, based on the transition from the linear economy to the circular one and considering that the concept of circular economy is still ...
  • BUGAIAN, Larisa; DIACONU, Cristina (Tehnica UTM, 2020)
    The 21st century is largely determined by the current phenomenon of globalization. It is gaining more powerful valences, has caused environmental issues that require a global sustainable solution. Limited natural resources, ...