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  • BOLOGA, Mircea; VRABIE, Elvira; CHIŢANU, Ana; LAICIUC, Laura; PALADII, Irina; STEPURINA, Tatiana; VRABIE, Valeria; ILIASENCO, Olga; POLICARPOV, Albert; GONCIARUC, Valeriu; SPRINCEAN, Catalina (Technical University of Moldova, 2019)
    An electrophysical wasteless technology is presented based on the electrochemical activation of the acid whey in a periodic regime. Under consideration are variations of such principal parameters as the electric current ...
  • PRAHLADA RAO, K.; VANI, R. M.; HUNAGUND, P. V. (Technical University of Moldova, 2019)
    This paper deals with the performance of two element antenna array without and with electromagnetic band gap structures. The antenna arrays are using Mentor Graphics IE3D software and measurements have been taken using ...

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